Working for MAAT Security

We'll be honest: it isn't easy to get your foot in the door at MAAT Security. We provide top-notch service to top-notch companies. And that means we're looking for top-notch security agents.

What do we mean by top-notch security agents? People looking to get ahead, looking to make something of themselves. People who'd rather have a serious job at a serious company than an exciting night on the town. On the other hand, when we hire people, we look beyond the obvious. We want to know who you are, what you -- as a human being -- are capable of. A diploma tells us a lot, but far from everything. In the end, we'd rather have a good man or woman with a shabby resumé than a timid mouse with a perfect background.

Good cloth: MAAT cloth
MAAT security agents are cut from MAAT cloth. More silk than polyester, shall we say: smooth and sophisticated, yet stronger than steel. MAAT security agents have ambitions. They're glad to work for us and with us. They're proud of their employer and its clients -- whom they think of as 'our' clients. MAAT Security agents are often with us for a long time. They're ultimate team players, hardworking and smart, with sharp ideas and a critical gaze, and they're open to growing and learning. They value their close working relationship with law enforcement and appreciate a supervisor they can bounce ideas off of. They're considerate of their colleagues and enjoy working as a team. If this sounds like you, you're already halfway there...

A suit that fits like a glove
No joke. Our people look perfect on the work floor. That includes an attractive tailor-made suit, for a tip-top appearance. Dressed for success, as they say. Because authority starts with feeling good, feeling self-assured, knowing what you stand for -- and a sleek outfit. That's why a job with MAAT Security comes with a suit that fits you like a glove, combined with a snow-white dress shirt and a tasteful MAAT tie.

Employment conditions
When you apply for a job with us, you'll soon notice that our employment conditions are more than okay. Many of our retail security agents have been working with us for years. And you don't do that if you're not happy. To support your continued training and development, we've created the MAAT Academy. Here's where you work on yourself, and your future, in the company of your colleagues. You'll usually do the rest of your work in well-known retail chains in the big cities. Where people will come to see you as a beacon of security, as someone they can count on day in, day out.

Interested? Do you have a Beveiliger 2 (Security Guard 2) diploma? Does working with us appeal to you? Visit, where you can apply online.