About us

The idea behind MAAT Security
Fall, 2007. Three veteran security experts meet each other at the offices of a private security provider. In addition to a sense of camaraderie and mutual trust, there's something else that unites them: the belief that the retail sector needs a retail security provider par excellence. If you know how much revenue in stores walks out the door without first going through the checkout line, you know what we mean. In some retail chains, more than 3 percent of salesis LOST. Stolen, vanished in thin air, without a trace. That's pure, expensive profit! And the percentage is rising. Apparently the difference between 'yours' and 'mine' is growing smaller by the minute -- at least in the minds of people with less honorable intentions.

Fast-forward to 2008...
In the spring of 2008, the vision becomes reality: with the founding of MAATbeveiliging b.v. in the Netherlands, MAAT Security is a fact. On April 1, no less. The enormous success we've had since then underscores that we definitely weren't joking. A scant 4 years later, we entered the German market with MAAT Security GmbH. Off to a promising start!

MAAT Security's success today
Five years later, it's 2012. MAAT Security is a successful specialist in retail security, with a who's who of clients: retailers, chains, communities, shopping centers. And some 200 employees: well-trained, positive, polite, skilled, certified security agents who are astute, thorough and helpful. Who are well aware of their position and value on the showroom floor. MAAT Security is flourishing, thanks to our in-depth expert specialization: retail security.

In Germany, too
Encouraged by an internationally expanding retailer's need for high-quality retail security agents, we founded MAAT Security GmbH in late 2011 in Emmerich am Rhein, just over the Dutch border at Arnhem. For more information, click here.