City centre security

It must also be safe outside of the shops

A safe environment

People must feel at ease when shopping, both inside the shops as well as in the surroundings. A city centre must be clean, well-kept, and safe. But, a city or shopping centre attracts a large public so that nuisances and vandalism cannot be ruled out.

By adopting an open attitude and above all by showing that we are present, we try to forestall this. Is there someone with unusual behaviour hanging around? Or is a gang of youths causing nuisance? Then we are not afraid to act.

The shopping public must also fell at ease outside of the shops.


We not only pay attention to shops and shoppers, but also take into account factors influencing general well-being: a loose paving stone, graffiti on the wall, or a stalled escalator. We observe and report so that immediate action can be taken.

Furthermore, we work closely with the emergency services and municipalities. For this reason it is important that our security officers have knowledge of local rules and of the immediate surroundings. If something is wrong, they can immediately call in the right people.