Our story

Hospitality driven security

How it all started

MAAT Security has emerged from a collaboration between Ruud Knipscheer, Arjan van de Wetering and Romano Rolleri. We have been in business for over ten years by now with almost 900 people on the payroll and a clear vision for the future: to apply our hospitality mindset in other sectors.

On your own you run but together you get further.

The beginning

The company’s story began when Ruud, Arjan and Romano met in 2008. All three had gained experience in the security industry, the police force, and retail management.

Starting from this background, and their broad experience, they saw what was lacking in the security landscape: a specialism. A niche player was needed in the security market—in other words, a niche player solely committed to retail security.

The official start

They followed through with their conversations and the idea for MAAT Security was born: a security organisation that focuses on the protection of shops, shopping centres and city centres. This demonstrated a clear focus within the security sector.

But what does such a company look like? The combination of different backgrounds ensured that they could generate plenty of good ideas. Starting with the concept: ‘on your own you run but together you get further’, they joined forces and officially launched MAAT Security that same year.

Clear focus

The great adventure had begun. There was hard work in the years that followed, good and poor choices were made, but a splendid company was established. A company that started small but quickly grew into an impressive organisation with almost 900 employees.

MAAT Security started in the Rotterdam area but soon became a national player. Even Holland became too small. In 2012 it opened its first German branch office and followed that up with a Belgian branch in 2015.

Clear focus

Major growth

Since 2008 we have maintained our focus and never deviated from it. We have become the retail security specialists that we once wanted to be. We are exceedingly proud of the list of fine customers whom our security specialists protect daily.

And, we continue to grow. Every day we go for top quality and we are continuously focused on new challenges and solutions.


A common theme within our service provision has always been our hospitality driven security. This strong focus has in fact motivated us to diversify. Why not diversify if the opportunities are present? We are security specialists in the retail sector but we can apply the strength of our hospitality mindset to other sectors as well.

The quality that we have brought to bear on retail security and the knowledge gained by our security specialists can also be applied to other sectors, such as health care, logistics, and the leisure sector. In this way we remain niche players but have the ability to apply our knowledge and skills broadly and optimally.


A vision for the future

We know that we can always do more and better. We wish to become better, together with our customers, and to share our knowledge and provide more insight into our work. In this way we can work on providing excellent protection in an open and honest fashion, and on all fronts!

We are ready to try new forms of service provisioning and to get to know other sectors. Together, we’re working hard on this new challenge!