Shopping centre security

A safe and pleasant shopping area

Extensive supervision

Securing a shopping centre is not only limited to the shops. There are also various technical installations that make an area safe and need to be monitored, such as sprinkler and heating installations. We do not focus on the technical maintenance of these installations, but do keep an eye on them to see that everything works as it should, and we can quickly call in the right technicians [if necessary].

A clean and safe shopping centre ensures a pleasant shopping atmosphere.

Custom security

All of our security officers have completed basic training that allows them to be mobilised in all possible ways. Yet we also work with customised training courses. Our clients have varying requirements and each shop has a unique dynamic to which we need to respond. While one store might emphasise preventive measures, another prefers to catch shoplifters red-handed.

We look further

In shopping centres we represent the interests of our clients. The public throughways must be safe and the shopping centre must remain clean. But, we also look beyond this. Is a theft in progress at one of the retailers? Then we will just jump in. We are responsible for the safety of the entire shopping environment.

Custom security