Retail security is all about loss prevention!

Retail security isn't about sticking uniformed guards in shops. Retail security is about the systematic prevention of shrinkage. Every (per)cent reduction in lost sales is pure net profit. That's why we focus 100 percent on retail security.

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We have a lot to offer the retail sector. But every situation is different. Every retail loss challenge is unique. The MAAT Security Scan is designed to help you get to know us -- and to give you a possibly heart-stopping look at your shrinkage... Feeling brave?

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Security requires a custom approach, especially in retail

Retail security -- done the way MAAT Security does it every day for dozens of major retailers -- is a demanding job. It requires not only retail expertise, but also a thorough understanding of security, shrinkage and people, as well as a close relationship with local law enforcement and top-quality personnel. Personnel who, in addition to being excellent security officers, are also socially adept, polite, decisive, immune to stress and full of charisma. And, because every retail organization is unique, with its own set of security challenges, we tailor every solution to match the client's needs.

How well does YOUR company prevent shrinkage?