Retail security expertise makes us effective everywhere

MAAT Security focuses almost exclusively on retail security. That in-depth specialization has given rise to a security company that operates with nearly commando-like precision. It's precisely that retail security prowess that has more and more organizations asking us to provide their security services, a task for which retail expertise like ours is indispensable.

MAAT agents make the difference
MAAT agents' strengths are a real advantage for many non-retail security tasks:

  • socially fluent
  • adept communicators
  • focused
  • customer friendly
  • hospitable
  • pre-emptive
  • proactive
  • polite and well-mannered
  • thorough and decisive
  • charismatic
  • with eyes and ears in the backs of their heads

We spare no expense recruiting our agents
So you know we aren't just blowing hot air: we spend a lot of time and money recruiting the crème de la crème of the security labor market. We're demanding, but we offer our agents everything they need to operate well above average levels and to engage in continued personal development:

  • an excellent salary
  • an intensive training and guidance program
  • opportunities to grow
  • a challenging work environment
  • professional supervisors 'in the field'
  • groundbreaking projects
  • extensive responsibilities
  • professional equipment
  • sophisticated tailored suits
  • fantastic clients in retail, the public sector and general security

Want to experience the power of retail security agents?

Would you like the no-obligation opportunity to discover what retail security prowess really entails? And why we're regularly awarded prestigious assignments outside the retail sector as a result of this expertise? Request a Security Scan and let us amaze you!