Publicly accessible spaces: the perfect place to deploy retail security agents

Publicly accessible spaces such as city halls, courthouses, large crematoriums, social services offices, government buildings and museums cannot be monitored and protected thoroughly enough. These institutions are regular targets for aggression, burglary and theft. They're also magnets for pickpockets, who usually operate 'professionally' (read: with hard-to-spot sophistication).

Security agents with retail prowess are perfect for the job
Here, too, MAAT agents and their well-developed retail skills are an advantage. The combination of hospitality, adept communication and security expertise are extremely valuable here.

Stay one step ahead, pre-empt, smooth over without a fuss
These are the three core guidelines to which MAAT agents adhere. In general, in shops and in publicly accessible spaces. Which also makes them ideal candidates for the role of host or hostess, if desired.