Retail security

Retail security: a complex and demanding field

Retail security is our core business, our mission, our passion. We've got law enforcement DNA and retail DNA in our blood. That's why, in 2008, we decided to make it our profession.

Security agents: our specialists on the showroom floor
Our nearly 200 security agents form the vibrant heart of our company. They are our specialists on the showroom floor, focused on what's so inaccurately called 'petty' crime: shoplifting, theft, fraud and other unwanted kinds of creativity that form a major assault on retailers' profit-and-loss statements. That's why our approach to loss prevention offers, in addition to the obvious corps of thoroughly trained security agents, a hefty package of security and anti-loss tools that can help reduce your shrinkage.

Cost-to-benefit ratio is critical
That so-called petty crime is a given; you and we can't change society. But we can deal with it effectively, anticipate it, keep a finger on the pulse of local activity, organize your company to combat theft. True, that sometimes requires a sizable investment -- but it also usually leads to a hefty reduction in loss. We can show you some compelling cases.

Ergo, we prefer to view the cost of retail security in terms of return on investment. We're always eager to explore the costs and benefits with you, so we can develop a customized -- and affordable -- approach to your security. From that common objective, we roll up our sleeves and get down to work. Goal-oriented, focused, keeping our eyes on the prize: stellar results. After all, we're business people, just like you!