Shopping center and mall security

Shopping centers and malls are magnets for people with unsavory intentions and, shall we say, flexible morals. By engaging retail security on one of the four levels Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum, shoplifting loss can be kept to a minimum.
Now everything's under control, right?

A safe and pleasant shopping environment outside the stores
To attract a steady stream of customers, a safe and pleasant shopping environment outside the stores is an absolute must! Loiterers, beggars, addicts, unguided missiles: whether roaming in packs or alone, they're intimidating, and they scare off shoppers.

Exactly where retail fluency is an advantage
This is where our MAAT agents' retail skills are a tremendous advantage. First and foremost, don't underestimate the power of external scrutiny. Just the presence of security officers who radiate "don't mess with me" prevents a lot of misery. MAAT agents know exactly how to approach people of all stripes. Their strengths are of critical value:

  • customer friendly
  • hospitable
  • decisive
  • thorough
  • skilled communicators

Resolving situations smoothly is their expertise. Anticipating events, intervening early, preventing escalation: that's where MAAT agents excel. And it's why MAAT Security is so often asked to provide security for shopping centers and busy malls.