MAAT Services: for hosts and hostesses with a keen eye

They're often the very first impression your company makes: the receptionist, host or hostess in your lobby. That means you need someone who can serve as your company's calling card. Someone who makes your visitors and guests feel welcome, and feel they've been seen!

Retail experience is an advantage here, too
Thanks to our experience in retail security, we know better than anyone what hospitality entails. Hospitality is a hot topic for a reason. And, given our success in recruiting the crème de la crème of the labor market, we can provide our clients with rock-solid hosts and hostesses. We select our hosts and hostesses from two categories:

  • Vibrant retirees from the military and law enforcement: people with discipline, authority and a feel for relationships
  • Polite, ambitious young people, who often combine their studies with a serious job

Training in security issues

We go above and beyond the average provider of hosts and hostesses in two ways: a) the type of person and b) the way they observe, the way they see who walks through your door. MAAT Services hosts and hostesses look through the security agent lens at visitors and the general public. They're always on the lookout for trouble, alert to bad intentions -- and more than capable of handling them smoothly. They're always in contact with either the police or a MAAT agent nearby. A reassuring thought!

Attractive pricing
For a variety of reasons, MAAT Services is able to provide these hosts and hostesses at exceptionally attractive prices. That means you can hire the ultimate in quality without breaking the bank.

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The MAAT Services host/hostess profile