MAAT Academy

About the MAAT Academy

Every training course within the MAAT Academy is aimed to create additional value for our customers, the security team and the personal development of the security guards. For example, we have set up a training course in dealing with dementia on the shopping floor in collaboration with Alzheimer Netherlands. Other training courses are more aimed on training soft skills, such as dealing with customers, dealing with aggression or the use of our systems. With MAATbeveiliging we like to stay ahead in retail security. Therefore, it is important to commit people to us for a longer period of time and to retain their valuable knowledge. So, we do everything necessary to stimulate the further growth of our employees.

About the MAAT Academy

Professional training courses

After completion of our unique customised training course the students have an acknowledged MBO-certificate at level 2 and they are offered a job as shop security guard with MAATbeveiliging. The normal MBO training course level 2 remains the absolute basis for a security guard, however MAATbeveiliging has developed a more practice-oriented training course for security within Retail. This training course is created in close collaboration with Security Managers, trainers and councils.