MAAT's extra services: thinking outside the security box

MAAT Security offers more than just retail security. In recent years, we've acquired so much knowledge and expertise in the area of shrinkage, retail security and general security through working with our clients, largely well-known retail chains and shopping centers, that we're eager to put that knowledge and experience to use across a broad spectrum for the benefit of our existing and future clients.

MAAT Academy: a knowledge center with a mission
At the MAAT Academy, we turn great security agents into top-notch leaders. We train, coach and guide them until their budding promise comes into full bloom. Personal development is as important a focus as delivering excellent results. Our motto is, a motivated employee is an effective employee. We believe in offering people opportunities and making sure they go to work with smiles on their faces. That is the MAAT Security approach. The MAAT Academy is also available to our clients' personnel. We'll train them in all aspects of security. The better shop staff understand and handle security matters, the sooner a company no longer needs us. And that's precisely the idea. It's only a matter of time before our competitors start attending lectures at the MAAT Academy... ;-)

MAAT Consulting: thinking outside the security box
You have no idea how much is already known about shrinkage: the percentage of sales that don't pass through the checkout line. It's the thorn in every retail organization's side. Retail security is a science. In fact, it's rocket science. We're eager to share all that knowledge and insight with the retail industry, local governments and shopping center management. Because security is a whole lot more than dropping well-dressed living mannequins into shops, we're also enthusiastic about consulting. There's a reason why the Gold and Platinum packages start with baseline assessments, security scans (analyses) and strategic discovery, in close collaboration with the client's management team.

In short, if you'd like to take a look at your security, at your loss, with a strategic eye and an open mind, book the MAAT Security Scan. You'll get four hours of free, no-obligation consulting from two of our founders, Arjan and Ruud.

MAAT Services: when a professional host or hostess is enough
Our newest venture: MAAT Services, offering top-notch hosts and hostesses. Our clients gave us the idea. They're very taken with the type of people that work for us: their mindset, refinement, charisma, the way they operate. But not every situation calls for a security agent par excellence. And through our intensive recruiting process, we regularly encounter amazing people who aren't quite looking for a career as a security agent. And so we founded MAAT Services: for hosts and hostesses of substance. Click the links below for more information.